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About Saipan

About Saipan
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Saipan is on 15"North and 145"East, about 19km long and 9km wide, with a land area of 115 km2, largest Island of Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands. Population is about 52,000. The most large nationality is Chamorinian, local peaple and the second is Philipino.

Average year-round highest temperature is 29℃ and little seasonal temperature variation. Saipan has been cited by the Guinness Book as having the least fluctuating temperatures in the world.

Jet Lag

The time zone of Saipan is UTC/GMT+10 hours. One hour ahead of Tokyo and Seoul, and two hours ahead of Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei.


Seasonality for Scuba


The currency is US dollars. You can use credet card at almost all restaurants and shops.

Phone & Internet

Free Wi-Fi is available at almost all shops and restaurant.

Saipan's Nation's code is (1) and local code is (670), so if you want to call Saipan, please dial 1670 + Number.


The voltage in Saipan is 120V, frequency is 120Hz. The type of the electric outlet is type-A, same as Japan and part of China, Taiwan.

Tabaco and Alcohol

Tabaco and alcohol are prohibit for 21years old and above.

You need your ID when you purchase tabaco and alcohol by the law.

You can not purchase alcohol from 22 o'clock to 7 o'clock at the store. Restaurants and Bars can provide alcohol until 2 o'clock.

Almost all restaurants and hotels are not prohibited to smoke tabaco. Please use smoking place outside.


There is no public transportation method in Saipan. Casino has bus from and to big resort hotels.

Taxi and Rent a car is the main transportation for you. Rent a car is available for 21years old and above, and you only need your country drivers license. The road looks white-gray color is so slippery when wet. Please drive carefully.


Here is only one hospital and a few clinics in Saipan. Only English is available in hospital. It is better to accompany with your travel agency staff in case.

The air conditiner is very strong and there is very cold, so we sugest to have jaket and long pants there.

We suggest you to purchase travel insurance because the medication fee in Saipan is expensive.

Any questions or concerns, please let us know !

Our staff will get back to you within 24 hours.