S2CLUB SAIPAN Fundiving Course

『Marianas Blue』
Best clear water in the world

As your request !
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Marianas blue

Marianas Blue Because it is considered as one with the clearest ocean in the world ! The visibility is ranging from 120 feet to 150 feet depending on the location, tide and season.

「I want to go 4dives a day !」 「I want afternoon dive」 「I want to go to Grotto !」 These are some of the request you can make. Our schedule is flexible, so feel free to give us you request when making your reservation !

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Fundiving Course

2boat & 1shore dives a day

fundiving 2boat1beach

The most requested and highly recommended schesulle for fun diving course. You will have 2 boat dives in the morning and 1 shore dive in the afternoon. Grotto is the most popular shore dive location, but you can also choose other exciting shore dive location.


start time:8:00

required time:8hours

4boat dives a day

fundiving 4boat

If you come to Saipan just to dive, then choose this course ! You will have whole day of fun and exitement underwater.


start time:8:00

required time:9hours

2boat dives a day

fundiving 2boat

If you have other schedule besides diving, then we recommende this course. Even only 2 dives you will still have fun underwater !


start time:8:00,13:00

required time:4.5hours

2shore dives a day

2shore dives

We have 3shore dive spot, Laulau, Obyan, Grotto. 2shore dive course will dive same location for 2dives.


start time:8:00,13:00

required time: 4.5 hours

Knacks of fundiving at Saipan!

Knacks of fundiving

Saipan's premier dive spot and considered the best cavern dive in the world 『Grotto』 is shore dive. Divers will go down a long, steep staircase about 110 steps to reach the dive spot. It will be a challenge for the divers with full equipment but the experience and the feeling of achievement is priceless ! But don't worry we can carry the tank for you for a minimal fee of $30 per tank. Tank porter service : $30.

For the safety reason, we do not go Grotto for first day first dive. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have sea sickness, we can go back to the dock and rest on the land for each dive, please let us know in advance.

About the boat here, almost all dive boat do not have rest rooms and entry is sitting back roll, please ask staffs if you have not experienced. At main location, there is rope and vouy for decent and accent line.

There is season for the popular locations 「Grotto」「Ship wreck」「Spot light」「Eagleray point」etc. Please find your request location at Seasonality, or Dive spot before you decide schesule.

Enjoy more !

Rental Camera・$40

We have cameara for rental, Olympass degital camera or GoPro. We can copy the data to your mobile phone or media or CD.

Advance reservation $30 !

Snorkeling and trecking tour.

We can offer you snorkeling tour [Grotto Snorkel] and trekking tour to「Forbidden Island」「End of Laulau」. We have attractive spots where you can enjoy and have fun !

Snorkeling and trecking tour informations !

Before making reservation,

Requirements:Must be certified divers and good health.

Please review our medical check list before making any reservation. We require medical clearance from your Doctor if you checked 'Yes' on any item in the medical check list of if you have any health issues.

Please take a note that membership discount is only applicable on online reservation.

Any questions or concerns, please let us know !

Our staff will get back to you within 24 hours.

Price list - Fundiving
CoursePriceStart timeRequired time
4dives a day$1808:009 hours
3dives a day$1408:007 hours
2dives a day$1008:00/13/004.5 hours
1dive a day$608:00/13:003 hours
Night dive$100after sun set3 hours

Diving fee includes transportation from and to your hotel.

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Boat charter fee
AreaLocaitonPrice for 2divestime to location
InreafShip wreck, B29, etc.$55∼10min
West sideDimple, Pipe, etc.$55∼10min
South sideNaftan, Obyan, etc.$60∼25min
North sideBanzai, Wing, etc.$70∼40min
TinianFleming, Tinian grotto, etc.$75∼40min
more farForbidden island, etc.$100∼1hour

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Boat charter fee (big boat 'Sunrider')
AreaLocationPrice for 2divestime to location
InreafShip wreck, B29, etc.$6010min
West sideDimple, Pipe, etc.$6015min
South sideNaftan, Obyan, etc.$7525min
North sideFleming, Tinian grotto, etc.$8040min
TinianForbidden island, etc.$801hour
We will use other company's big boat named Sunrider on busy season when our boat is fully booked or if you would like to have rest room on the boat.

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Price list - Rental equipment
dive numberfullMask,snorkel,fins,bootsWet suitBcd & Regulator
1dive$30$10($2.5 each)$5$15
2dives and more$60$20($5 each)$10$30

※Rental dive computer $20/day.

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