S2CLUB SAIPAN Step up Course

Get Skills = Enjoy more !
PADI Step up Course

Learn more, Enjoy more ! PADI Step up course.
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Get Skills = Enjoy More !

PADI Step up Course

They say sports and hobbies are the same thing, If you want more then level up your skills !

Learn more and enjoy more ! The possibilities are endless !!

Step up Course Info

PADI Advanced Diver

PADI Advanced Diver License

Get more adventure ! This course will expand your knowledge in diving and helps build confidence. You can start this course right after you earn your Open Water License course. The maximum depth is 30 meters and you will also can go night dive after this course !


Start time:8:00

Required time:2days 5dives(2boat dives and 3shore dives)

PADI EFR (First Aid Course)


This course, the divers will learn to do CPR, rescue breathing and first aid.


Start time:8:00

Required time:4hours

PADI Rescue Diver

PADI Rescue Diver License

This course, they said is the most demanding and yet the most rewarding because you will learn to consider the safety and will being of other diver. You will also learn how to rescue panicked diver, tired diver, unconscious diver and other related accident or injury in the water.


Start time:8:00

Requied time:2days

PADI Specialty Course

PADI Specialty Course

This course is the best way to advance and gain new dive skills, try something new, to expand your diving knowledge. Complete the 5 specialty courses and get Master Scuba Diver License !

Price:ask us !

Start time:8:00

Required time:depend on each course.

PADI Master Scuba Diver

PADI Master Scuba Diver

『Highest none professional diver license !』You can get this certification with "5 kind of PADI Specialty License","Rescue Diver License","50dives experience" .

Price:$60(only application fee)

This course have only application.

PADI Divemaster

PADI Divemaster

This is the first step to profesional diver. This course will expand your knowledge in diving and will hone your skills. The training will develop your leadership abilities because you will be trained to supervise diving activities. A black license card will be issued to you when you finish this course. You will start your eLearning in your home and followed by two weeks ocean training in Saipan. We can arrange the schedule for you, please let us know.

Price:$1500+ eLearning &application fee(depend on year)

Required time:2 weeks training

Requirements:18 years old and above, more than 40 dives experience.

Before making Reservation

Requiements:Please see each course requiments.

Please make sure to review medical check list before your reservation. We will ask medical clearance letter if you have checked any items.

You can get member ship discount only from reservation from our website.

Any questions or concerns, please let us know !

Our staff will get back to you within 24 hours.

Price List - Step up Course
CoursePriceStart timeRequired time
Advanced Diver$3608:002days
EFR (First Aid course)$3004hours
Rescue Diver$5802days
Master Scuba Diver$60only application
Dive Master$1500two weeks

The price include diving fee, course fee, transportation from and to you hotel.

Please check each course inormation pages for text and application fee.

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