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PADI License Course

Padi open water diverlicense course in Saipan
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Our Recommendation!

1・Diving pool practice !

pool practice makes you feeling safe

Your journey to under water world starts in the diving pool. Here you will have hands on training and to practice your diving skills, you will learn how to use the diving equipment step by step until you are comfortable and ready to train in the open water.

2・Clear and warm ocean !

relax dive with warm and clear water

Diving in Saipan is stress free because we are known to have the clearest water in the world and the water is warm !

3・S2club Group will give you full support !

dive with S2club group

Even after your certification, the S2club Group is committed to support you on your journey to the under water world.

Let's start diving!

Our License course is 『Hardwork & Enjoy !』. Your journey to diving will start in the pool, you will have hands on training and will learn diving step by step and depends on your pace and then training in the ocean.

You can start your diving life with S2club Group, Guam, Cebu, Okinawa, Ishigaki Island !

License Course Blog.

License Course Info

eLearning+2days training course

eLearning course

With this course, you will hae the luxury of taking lectures and examination in the comfort of your home. The next step and most exciting part is your training in the pool and in the ocean of Saipan. Here you will learn the fundamentals of scuba diving, equipments and techniques in diving. This course will give you extra day for fun adn diving in Saipan.
Start page for eLearning.


Start time:8:00

Required time:2days

3days course

3days course

If you don't have time to do eLearning in your home, then this course is good for you. Everything will be done in Saipan, 1day lecture and examination and the next two days will be training in the pool and in the ocean.


Start time:8:00

Required time:3days

Home study and 2days training course

Text sending course

We will send you the textbook to study at home and prepare for your witten examination. The written examination and 2days training in the pool and in the ocean will be done in Saipan.

This course is only available to Japan resident.


Start time:8:00

Required time:2days

Scuba Diver License Course

Padi Scuba Diver License course

This is 1day course and the maximum depth is only 12 meters and you must be accompanied by a professional diver. THe good thing with this course is you can upgrade to full Open Water certification anytime and with any of the PADI Dive Center in the world.


Start time:8:00

Required time:9hours

Get more fun!

Let's go fundive after you got license !

Congratulations, You are now a certified diver ! Have fun and explore the ocean ! All you need to do is dive ! dive ! and dive !!

Rental Camera・$40

On the second day of the course, you will be allowed to bring camera so you can take pictures of different kinds of fish, corals, and other marine life under the water. We will copy the data to your mobile or media.

(For safety reason, please do not bring your camera to underwater on the first day of the course.)

Advanced booking discount $30!

Before making Reservation.

Requirments:10 years old and above, good health condition.

Please make sure to review medical check list before your reservation. We will ask medical clearance letter if you have checked any items.

You can get member ship discount only from reservation from our website.

Any questions or concerns, please let us know !

Our staff will get back to you within 24 hours.

Price List - License Course
CoursePriceStart timeRequired time at Saipan
eLearning course$300+$2028:002days
3days course$3903days
Home study course *$3902days
Scuba Diver License$1909hours

The price include rental equipment, text and application fee, transportation from and to your hotel.

* These course is only for resident in Japan.

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