Here are some information about the seasonality of Ishigaki Island and its ocean!!


Temperature and Seasonality

Month Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Air Temp. 17℃ 18℃ 23℃ 24℃ 26℃ 28℃ 30℃ 30℃ 30℃ 26℃ 23℃ 20℃
Water Temp. 22℃ 22℃ 23℃ 24℃ 26℃ 28℃ 29℃ 30℃ 30℃ 28℃ 26℃ 24℃
Clothing sweatshirt , fleece long sleeve shirt T-shirt, shorts long sleeve shirt sweatshirt , fleece
Diving suite one piece 5mm wet suite + hooded vest OR dry suite one piece 5mm wet suite + hooded vest one piece 5mm wet suite one piece 5mm wet suite + hooded vest



January ~ February ~Winter~

Great visibility and amazing scenery of unique corals.  Best season for Macro diving!

Winter has arrived in Ishigaki Island!!

Water temperature gradually drops from about 24℃ to minimum 21℃.

But if you have a hood vest and a boat coat, you are all set!! If you don’t have one, we have rentals so please ask us for one!

Even though it is winter in Ishigaki, if the weather is good the sun gives us good heat and all you need is a T shirt.

But while the boat is moving, the wind may feel cold so it is better to have a boat coat in handy.



As the water temperature drops, the better the visibility gets.

January and Feburary has the best visibility of the year.

During this season, the chance of encountering big marine life such as Dogtooth Tunas, Barracudas, Napoleon fishes rise.

Amazing under water scenery of beautiful corals and “Ishigaki blue” ocean waits you!


Winter is also a good season for Macro diving.

Small sea life such as nudibranchs, frogfishes are active in cold water.

They are good photographic subjects for those who like taking photography of sea life.

Not as much guests come during the winter season so better chance of long good photography diving!



March ~Winter to spring~

Broadclub Cuttlefish Mating and spawning season.

Broadclub cuttlefish is a type of cuttlefish that can grow up to 50cm.

March is the mating and spawning season for them.

You my be able to see male Broadclub Cuttlefish fighting for their mates.

Their battles are powerful and spectacular! It is an event you would want to see.



April  ~Spring to early summer~

Ocean condition becomes stable. Baby season for sea life.

Air temperature and water temperature begin to rise. The winter coldness begin to fade away moving on to spring.

If the weather is good, with sunlight, it gets pretty hot like a good summer day.

Ocean condition begin to become stable and we get a lot of great diving condition days.

You may be able to see Broadclub Cuttlefish spawning, mouth brooding of cardinal fishes, and damselfish species have their babies during this season as well – underwater baby rush season.



May ~early summer~

Mysterious and amazing coral spawning.

Many prople worry about the weather during this season because it is rainy season in Japan.

In Ishigaki we do not have much rain during this season. When it rains, it rarely rains throughout the day – only brief heavy rains.

May is the season for coral spawning.

Actually, corals spawn throughout the year but during this time of the year, we have few days when a specific type of coral spawns all at once.

This type of coral spawns at night so we go night diving to observe this moment of miracle.

When the coral spawning occur, all the eggs are released into the night sea. Creating a mystical scenery like a universe full of stars around you.




June ~Summer~

Summer is here!!

At the end of the rainy season we have a week of “ka-chi-bai” – a strong southern seasonal wind that  tells us summer is here.

After “ka-chi-bai”, the full-blown summer has come!

Gleaming sun shining on the blue ocean, the ocean is full of life, and Manta season is about to start!!



July ~Midsummer~

Manta ray season has come!!

Summer to Autumn is the best season for Manta rays!

Ocean condition is great almost everyday allowing us to go to Manta points and various other points!

There are diving points that we can only go during the summer seasons, increasing the variation of diving sites we can go.

The hot weather and the gleaming sun is just what we need for a good day out on the ocean!

Don’t forget to put on your sunscreen!


August ~Midsummer~

Only diving shops in the northern area can go! Best chance to go diving in the pacific ocean area!!

Still good season for great condition!  Still great season for Manta rays!

This time of the year, the ocean is at its best condition.

There are few areas where only diving shops in the northern part of the island can go – the most northern area of the island and the east side of the island.

These sites are only accessible when the condition is super good. This season is the best time of the year to try going to these areas!

The most northern area of this island, the “Hirakubozaki area”, has huge beautiful corals that you have never seen before.

The east side of the island, called the “pacific area”, usually does not have divers. In this area, we have a good chance of encountering big marine animals.


September ~ October ~Summer to Fall~

Manta ray mating season!

November ~ October is Manta ray mating season.

During this time of the year, Manta rays tend to gather in same areas as if someone has called for a meeting.

For this, the number of Manta rays we can see in 1 dive is at its highest during this season!

If you are lucky, you may be able to see several Manta rays dancing around right in front of you!

The underwater world is still full of life with lots of colorful tropical fishes and marine life.

Still a great time of year to go diving in Ishigaki! It is still pretty hot so don’t forget to prepare for the gleaming sun!!



November ~ December ~Fall to winter~

Macro diving season!

Gradually becomes winter weather with wind directions changing to north winds.

As the water temperature begin to drop, visibility becomes good.

During this season is the best time to enjoy the beautiful “Ishigaki blue” ocean.

Small sea life become abundant!!

Small sized frog fishes and rare gobies popular to photography divers can be observed.

Not as much guests come during the winter season so better chance of long good photography diving!


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