Certification courses


Certification Courses

Become a diver at our world-famous sea of Ishigaki Island!! 

Enjoy learning how to dive with a plan just for you!ライセンスコース画像

Welcome to the wonderful and amazing under water world!!

Our motto for our certification course is “slowly and carefully”.  Take as much time  as you need during this course to feel confident and safe on your adventures after you have been certified.

After you are certified, our affiliated stores will support you along with us so you can enjoy your diving life to the full.

Our course is not just to get certified! It’s just an opportunity to get started on your wondrous adventure of the under water world!!




Here are 3 reasons why you want to dive with us!



1. All open water diver are boat dives


If you visit Ishigaki, you’d want to see the beautiful under water world!

If you want to enjoy the under water world of Ishigaki, boat diving is what you want to do.

Even if you don’t have confidence in your physical strength, it’s ok!  With boat diving, you don’t have to walk long distances carrying heavy diving gears to go diving.

We can access varieties of diving sites with our boat, so you can enjoy your diving experiences while you learn how to dive safely.



2.  Small class size guaranteed


The greatest purpose of the certification course is to take away your worries one by one, so you can go diving with confidence and enjoy your diving life after you are certified. Small class size is necessary to do this, because everyone learns and overcomes their worries at a different pace.

We will support each and every one of you so you can learn the basic skills at your own pace.



3. Great visibility and “Ishigaki blue” ocean


When you are a beginner diver poor visibility may get you anxious, but no worries in Ishigaki!!

The ocean of Ishigaki is beautiful with great visibility. Because we only have few diving shops in the northern area, compared to the diving sites near the urban area, we have fewer divers entering our diving sites. Therefore we have beautiful untouched underwater worlds, waiting for you to dive.





Certification course options

PADI Open Water Diver (OWD) program has two parts – knowledge development and water skill training.

You will learn scuba diving principles and terminology in your knowledge development. In your water skill training, you will actually go diving and practice what you have learned.

Here are two options on how to study.  Please choose the course that suites you best!


Everything needed is included in the price.

(tax, rental gear, learning materials, PADI registration fee, lunch,  and transportation from and to your hotel)



1. Start your study at Home + Final exam & Training dives at Ishigaki

Online reservation ¥ 55,000


Use your textbook and DVD to start your studying at home.

We will send you your textbook and DVD in advance so you can study at your own pace before coming to Ishigaki.

You will take your final exam after you get to Ishigaki, so please study and be prepared for the test!

But the good part about taking your test in Ishigaki is that you can ask your instructor about things you didn’t understand or want to understand more before you take the test.

※ shipping fee for the textbook is included.



2. Finish your studying at Home (e-learning) + Training dives at Ishigaki

Online reservation ¥55,000

PADI e-Learning is an interactive learning tool provided by PADI.

You can study offline, or online using a computer or mobile device.

This allows you to study anywhere or at anytime making it easy to fit scuba lessons into a busy schedule.

You will study and finish your final exam on your device at home, leaving only the training dives when you get to Ishigaki.

  • eLearning time commitment: 5-10 hours





Planning to go diving after you are certified?


Let’s go on a Fun Dive!!

After you are certified, if you have some free days in your traveling plan, we recommend that you go on a fun diving tour!

On a fun diving tour, there are no skill practices! Just pure fun time from start to end.

Diving sites suited for trainings are limited and have to be easy diving areas. On a fun diving tour you can swim more, go to areas you couldn’t during your training dives, and we may be able to take you to more advanced diving sites depending on your skills.

If you have your buoyancy control down, we may be able to take you to beautiful coral reefs and swim above them or go meet Manta rays – the most famous marine animal you can see in Ishigaki.

Make use of your diving license that you have just earned and enjoy the sea of Ishigaki to the full!




Rental gear fees are free!!

Rental gear fee for the day after you finish your certification course is free!

We wanted our new divers to enjoy the sea of Ishigaki, so if you finish your certification course with us, your rental gear fee for the day after you get certified is free!!

If you go on a Fun Diving Tour the day after you are certified, the only thing that you have to pay is the tour fee!

 Fun Diving Tour (2boat dives) ¥15,400

 Fun Diving Tour (3boat dives) ¥20,900



Your instructor will take your photo!!

If you would like photos of your tour, please contact your instructor before leaving the shop. Your instructor can take pictures of you during the tour!!

If you wish to purchase the  photos, it is ¥2,000/day for all the photo data.







This is an example schedule of an usual day at S2 Club



7:30~8:00  We will pick you up at your hotel and head to our shop.

8:00~8:30  Arrive at our shop located in the Ibaruma Area!! Fill out your application forms. Please feel free to ask your instructor if you have any worries




AM  Confined water dives at beach.  

Practice the basic skills!! Then we will go back to our shop to have lunch and do your final exam.



PM  Open water dives! 

Go out to the sea on our boat!!  We will practice necessary skills to become a diver and dive safely.



Open water dives!

On the second day, the anxiety you may have felt on the previous day will have changed into excitement.

All of our divings are boat divings so you don’t have to carry your heavy gears!



After you finish all your open water dives and requirements, you are certified!!

You are now a certified diver!! Welcome to the wonderful world of diving!!





Certification Courses


Open Water Diver Course (OWD)

Course Price Online reservation price Pick up time Time required Remarks
At home studying course

(Test at Ishigaki)

¥79,600 ¥55,000 around 7:30 2 days


Final Exam will be held during your stay.
e-learning course

(Test at home)

¥79,600 ¥55,000 You will finish all your studying, up to your Final Exam, at your house.

※ Prices include tax, rental gear, learning materials, PADI registration fee, lunch,  and transportation from and to your hotel.

※ If you will be joining our Fun Dives after OWD or AOWD courses, all gear rental will be free.

☆ All necessary cost to become a Open Water Diver is included!!





Please check!

Please check the scuba medical questionnaire that asks about medical conditions that could be a problem while diving and will determine if you need to be evaluated by a physician before being able to scuba dive. If the doctor approves, or none of the conditions applied to you, you’re ready to start!



Cancel Policy

We require 2 days cancellation notice prior to your scheduled arrival date, otherwise we will charge you a cancellation fee as below.

3~ days prior to reservation no cancel fee will be charged
2~1 day prior to reservation 50% of your total amount will be charged if you cancel 2~1 day prior to your scheduled arrival date.
scheduled arrival date 100% of your total amount will be charged if you cancel on your scheduled arrival date or No show.

※ No cancel fee will be charged if we cancel a tour or activity because of unfavourable weather or sea conditions.



If you have any questions Please contact us by Email or call us at 0980-87-0991.


If you have LINE, you can contact us from LINE!!  click the button below to add us as your friend.




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