S2CLUB GUAM Price List

Price List

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Dear Valued customer

We will decide your diving/snorkeling schedule after consultation.

For reservations and any inquiries, please contact us via email or Line app at the bottom of this page.

Licensed Dive Price
CourseList PriceWeb Booking PriceRequired Time
2Boat dive$125$120About 6 hours
3Boat dive$185$180About 9 hours

About 2Boat dive, You can change to 3 boat dive for an additonal $60/advance.(Reservation on the day : $70)

For 3tank boat dive, when you need to a lunch box we will be order it by $10.00/pp. Please pay at our shop on that day.

Equipment rental not included.

Equipment Rental Price
Full RentalBCDRegulatorWet suitFins&BootsMask&SnorkelDive ComputerGoPro

1 item rental:$8/day

GoPro:Photo data transfter to your smartphone (iPhone or Androide).

Sea Turtle Boat Snorkeling Price
CourseList PriceWeb Booking PriceRequired Time
Sea Turtle Boat Snorkeling ※8 years old and up$80$75About 3.5 hours

If you're not participating in snorkeling, you can ride boat for $50(Web Booking Price). (Only children are not accepted)

Mask,Snorkel,Fins &Life jaket included.

Non Licensed holders.

We have special discount !!(For all course)

Rent a car discount $10/per person.

Minimum Number of Participants

All course 2 people.


We can accept USD cash and credit card.Minimum payment on credit card is $20.

Cancellation Policy

Any changes to your reservation must be made at least two days in advance.

After 5:00pm of two days in advance of reservation day : 50%

After 5:00pm of one day in advance of reservation day : 100%


All the benefits, terms of this system are subject to change without notice.

(This price list is valid as of January/12/2023)

Other Information

*Age requirements : Snorkeling/8 years old & older, Intro Dive/10 years old & older, Fun Dive/Licensed Holders.

*Please wear basic swimsuit and bring a towel.

*You can participate in Fun Dive Course 18 hours or more before your flight.

*Any person with medical issues (Heart, Respiratiory. ect), under the influence of alcohol or pregnant can not participate in dive & snorkeling courses.

*Any minor under 18 years old need guardian's signature to join.

*Guardian's must be present with minors under 15 years old.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.